Randall supports smart spending policies without increasing taxes on residents. The failure of City Hall to increase economic activity and balance spending priorities have led to taxpayers being asked to contribute more and more.

Randall fought against the utility rate increase that has hurt working class families, senior residents and businesses. He also opposes any efforts to weaken Proposition 13 and increase taxes or rates on residents.

Proper management of tax dollars will fund our priorities and essential services while eliminating waste, fraud and abuse of city funds. Responsible and reform-minded leadership can make City Hall more efficient and more effective. Our elected officials should focus on increased economic activity and tightening their belts before asking residents to pay more in taxes and fees.


In the past three election cycles, candidates have raised over $100,000 in campaign contributions from special interest groups, city contractors and developers. Unlimited and unrestricted campaign finance laws in our city have led to clear conflicts of interests where councilmembers vote to award city contracts to their donors.

Randall supports meaningful contribution limits so a wealthy few cannot use their economic power to shut out ordinary citizens and buy city council seats. He also support policies to strengthen disclosure requirements for outside groups (commonly known as independent expenditures).


The first and most important duty of the City Council is to keep our streets, our homes and our families safe. Our current budget does not prioritize public safety. This has resulted in increased crime in Monterey Park, an inadequately funded police department, an understaffed police force and underpaid officers.

After 8 years without a raise and almost a year of failed contract negotiations – Randall joined the Monterey Park Police Officers Association to call on the council to provide fair and competitive compensation for our men and women in uniform. These efforts forced the council to approve a two year contract with retroactive pay and a fair annual pay increase.

Randall believes we must prioritize public safety in our city budget, ensuring smart investment in our police department and officers that can combat increasing property and residential crime. Our elected officials must also advocate against early release laws and other dangerous policies.

Our current economic environment has led to a stagnant local economy. The current climate is not business-friendly in regards to local taxes, regulations and the bureaucracy in City Hall. As a result we have attracted national brands and emerging small businesses to our city. Instead we are left with empty dirt lots and empty store fronts where booming businesses should be.

Randall shares the frustration of so many residents who want to shop and eat in Monterey Park but are forced to spend their dollars in other cities who have the stores and restaurants they want.

An overhaul of Monterey Park’s business policies is needed to provide businesses the stability and predictability they need to invest in our city and our people. Randall has proposed reforming business license fees, implementing a business regulatory budget and a 21st century branding strategy to attract businesses and consumers to the city to eat, shop, play and live.

Our council and city manager should work together to aggressively secure investments from national brands and emerging small businesses in Monterey Park while also getting tough with developers and work closely to transform empty lots into sustainable economic activity. Additionally we should improve existing infrastructure and public services to provide a strong city for private investment.

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